Open Pilot Self Driving Bolt EV

2018 Bolt w LKA and just installed last week. Just buy everything from Comma. 1250$ C3X and 200$ Harness. (Don't buy an Etsy version since you will need the USB C/RJ45 Panda comes in the 200$ harness kit) Get the GM Pedal interceptor on Etsy or eBay. Get an RJ45 splitter and two one foot Ethernet cables. When the gear arrives you'll need to trim a little plastic on the wedge which mounts to the windshield. I used a blade and sandpaper till it went on and off a little easier. After you position and stick the wedge to the windshield it's supposed to cure for a day or two. You can pop open the area near the rear view mirror, the factory camera pops off if you pull the plastic leg a little, with it dangling it's much easier to get a little screw driver to push the white retaining clip away. When the clip is away you squish the black connector, wiggle and pull and it works loose. The rest is easy enough. I did need to use my cell phone hotspot to do the firmware, my WiFi was two bars in the garage. Not good enough I guess. Last item - don't install old code. Old code doesn't support the screen. The unit will boot to a black screen and you'll need to reboot and reflash using Using this fork alternative Comma C3X Video / Media: /data/media/0/realdata/ %datetime% / dcamera.hevc ecamera.hevc fcamera.hevc I can get there via Hotspot on cellphone, Termius App, using my private ssh key (public key in my account on GitHub linked by username) Also adjusted the sound wav files /data/openpilot/selfdrive/assets/sounds/


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