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Chevy Bolt Premier Experience

2018 Car And Driver write-up
First consider a normal ICE (internal combustion engine) burns 20k$ of fuel to travel 200k miles (25mpg @ 2.50$ per gallon) where electric will cost 3k$ to travel 200k miles (4mpKWH @ 0.06$ per KWH)

  • Average Miles per KWH: 3-5 and 2-3 winter
  • Range on 60 KWH: 180 - 280
  • Battery 60 KWH equals roughly 2 Gallon Gas equivalent
  • Empty at 30 miles remaining(go home)
  • Range City Driving: better, up to 280
  • Range Winter Driving: lowers to 180 using seat heater
  • Cost per Mile: $0.06 per KWH when charged 12am - 6am and 4 miles per KWH = $0.02 per Mile
Miles per kwh graph link

  • Cold Battery Capacity: Down to 30 deg F about the same 60 kwh - via heated battery
  • Weight: Add 1,000 pounds for the battery
  • Motor 150 KWH max output

Time to charge

Typical day the car is charged at night for around six hours
  • Level 1: 1kwh using 110v @ 12 amps adds 3 miles of range per hour
  • Level 2: 7kwh using 220v @ 40 amps adds 30 miles of range per hour
  • Level 2 Public: Typically free to use
  • Level 2 Full: from empty takes 8hr
  • Level 3: 30kwh using 220v three phase adds 120 miles of range per hour
  • Level 3 Public: Typically 20-30$ per hour

Xcel EV Plan Household Power usage after adding one EV and driving 3k miles / month:

There is no grace. Below 14 miles of range the "Guess o meter" starts blinking and does not report range. When it reaches zero the car does not move. Battery exhausted. No "running on empty" and no limping a little further.

What About? Are you worried about...

  • Power Source: 2021: Coal 30%, Natural Gas 30% MISO Energy shows the power generation.
  • Battery degradation: 10% in ten years was reported on old first generation Leaf batteries
  • Charging Stations: I charge at home 95% of the time. Public charging is available. Locate charging spots using PlugShare
  • Road Trips: Don't use EV for Road Trips unless you really want to, we use my wifes ICE car for road trips
  • Winter Driving: Added weight can help with traction, and can increase stopping distance

Detractor people: Are unphased by any information. See Confirmation Bias of the Cognitive Biases

Zero degrees Fahrenheit - getting 2 miles per kWh running at 65 mph and using both the electric seat and heater. The battery capacity still calculated as 58 kWh 


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